At Kemp Nabal you will find that all members of our team are ultimately committed to finding pragmatic solutions to our clients' legal challenges.

Rather than focussing on a legal challenge and then merely going through the formal legal process on a step by step basis, our approach is solution driven. We are not adverse to thinking out of the box and considering different or alternative approaches to the traditional approaches normally taken.

It is as a direct result of our extensive experience in the formal legal process that we are aware that even though the formal legal process may still in many instances prove to be the ideal process to follow to obtain the desired solution, it often is not the only or even the ideal process. By, for instance, steering away from becoming fixated on our clients' positions (rights to which our clients may be entitled) and by rather exploring what outcome (solution) our clients eventually intend achieving, the ideal path to achieving those solutions may present itself not to be the formal legal process. We are committed to steering away from a mere mechanical and formalistic adherence to the formal legal process and a true commitment to finding, in collaboration with our clients, the ideal path to solutions.

We accordingly place a lot of emphasis, in advising our clients, not only on the formal legal process, but also on alternative paths of finding solutions to legal challenges. These include amongst other:

  • Early negotiated settlement and ways to improve your negotiating position.
  • Assisting clients with lodging, dealing with and finalising matters with various Ombudsmen in several sectors.
  • Mediation of disputes in commercial and family law matters.
  • Facilitation in family law matters.
  • Arbitration of disputes.
  • Where appropriate, advising on an outcome based approach to legal challenges.
  • Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the different options available to get to the intended solution.

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